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28 Day Reset

Hey you!


I see you. You’re exhausted. I felt that. I was just like you- racing through my day, training every day of the week, counting calories, working a corporate career, all while trying to be the perfect parent. From the outside, everything was great, until it wasn’t.


My body finally said “no more.” I realized that coffee, while a delicious treat, is not a main food group. I worked with an ND that helped me to incorporate restorative practices, and after one full year of healing, I was back on my feet.

Now I’m determined to work with clients who are currently where I was just a few years back. I’m here to help you realize that your life doesn’t have to be perfect to lose weight. The body actually functions much better when your lifestyle is balanced.


If you’re ready to quit counting calories, and take control of your health through a holistic and balanced approach then join me for a 28 Day Reset.


We will work on increasing your energy and kickstart your weight loss through nutritional, supplemental, and lifestyle changes.


My 28 Day Reset Challenge includes:

- Weekly 7 Day Meal Plans (4 In Total)

- Easy to follow and delicious weekly recipes + grocery lists (reduce food waste!)

- Direct access to me via email for the duration of the challenge

- Tips to help you stay on track


* Weekly weigh-ins can be added for additional accountability and progress tracking. This is also a good opportunity to ask any questions regarding your progress. Please contact me directly. if you’re interested in adding these sessions to your Reset Package.

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