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Holistic Wellness

by Leonora

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Meet Leonora Ozturk

Certified Nutrition Practitioner, Holistic Weight Loss Specialist, Adrenal Fatigue Conqueror 

Flash back to my early thirties when I was training for my second fitness competition, raising my children, working long hours, and tending to a very busy social calendar.


I was the picture of health and having it together. It wasn’t until my body forced me to slow down through intense exhaustion (known as ‘Adrenal Fatigue’ or ‘Burn Out’) that I realized my seemingly ‘healthy’ lifestyle was really not that healthy.


I was completely unaware that my high-speed and seemingly ‘successful’ lifestyle I was leading was actually extremely damaging to my health. 

Does that sound familiar? I work with men, women and families every day who live their life on hyper speed. If you are regularly counting calories and committing to intense cardio, but you don’t see the scale moving, I want to work with you. 


I specialize in helping clients slow it down and listen to their bodies so they can eat intuitively, implement restorative practices to allow the body to fully recover, and feel like themselves again. Being a mom, I also encourage the whole family to join in when making lifestyle changes. Getting healthy gets easier when you do it together.


If you’re ready to lose weight, stop counting calories, and beat your relentless exhaustion through a personalized holistic approach (including nutritional, supplemental, and lifestyle recommendations) send me a message below. 

Easy + Nourishing Meal Ideas For The Whole Family.
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28 Day Reset Program
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Consultations, Home Detox, Meal Plans, and More.

What past clients have said 

 "I met Leonora at a local gym. My main goal was weight loss. Starting my meal plan was a little overwhelming as this was new to me, I had so many questions and Leonora answered them quickly, and provided me the guidance and support that I needed.  he meal plans, recipe and grocery list created were super simple, clear and easy to follow.  If there was food on my meal plan that I wanted to change, she quickly provided me with an alternative option. As a result of working with her, my eating habits and lifestyle have dramatically improved.  Where I once thought eating healthy meant eating more salad is completely incorrect, Leonora has taught me that eating less isn't right and i was actually starving my body.  I lost a total of 34 lbs and still going. Thank you Leonora for all of your guidance and support". 


Voula Kozaris

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